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Swurv Smartees is an application architecture, which enables interoperability of, and communication between, third party databases, applications and transaction systems.

It has a singular API (Application Programming Interface) that plugs into Smartees Services minimizing backward compatibility issues and providing a habitat for a virtually limitless collection of functionality and services.

Smartees is similar in concept to Computer Operating System, only it is designed for the Internet instead of a local machine.

Smartees allow third party integrators to interact with scheduler and contact system functionality.

The Smartees API has already been developed, it currently supports XML RPC. SOAP will be added when demand requires.

The current repository of Smartee Services include; contact system, scheduler, chat/messaging, e-mail, multi-lingual, file storage, web browsing, user authentication, transaction, media selection, resource sharing, searching, administration and directory structure functionalities.

Swurv is adding to Smartees services on an ongoing basis and will provide an expanding repository of developer tool kits for extending the functionality of the platform.

The major benefits of Smartees are:

  • The ability to extend functionality with less integration problems.

  • Enterprises may leverage existing IT assets.

  • Provides seamless and secure interaction between unrelated enterprises that most likely are using dissimilar technologies.

  • Integration of market clusters that currently use islands of best of breed, one to many processes and technologies.

  • A rapid application development environment with which enterprises may bring rich and scalable web services to the marketplace quickly.