Swurv is a pioneer in the development of technology for interoperability between disparate computer systems, enabling the transparent flow of information within and among companies, in real time. more info
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Swurv’s patent pending PolyNet technology allows businesses to securely interoperate between disparate applications and networks over the Internet. The PolyNet is designed to remove technology barriers so businesses can fully exploit the Internet, for increased efficiency and productivity, in business transactions.

The PolyNet enables business and the IT professionals that supply the solutions to the enterprise, a way to deploy Webservices easier, cheaper and faster.

Tools and facilities included in the PolyNet are:
1. Smartees: a secure framework or platform with which to build and deploy Webservices including an innovative communication protocol.
2. Nexus: a system for distributed communication among enterprises.
3. SE: a set of commonly used communication and information tools that form a collaborative gateway to people and resources within and outside of the enterprise.

IT professionals, business and their customers need a Platform that enables rapid deployment of distributed processes over the Internet.
The PolyNet is this enabling platform.

While the PolyNet is most powerful as a whole, its different components can be used separately. For example, a provider of a Webservice such as an e-commerce site may only deploy the Smartees protocol for interoperability with other unrelated Webservices such as a shipping company, authentication and customization of the end user’s site experience. Another enterprise may use SE as a collaborative gateway for its employees or customers. Still another enterprise, such as a bank, may deploy Nexus and Smartees to "bank" nonrepudiated transactions between various business and individual customers.

With PolyNet the Internet can now work as a cohesive unit. Computers, electronic devices and web services can work together, to deliver powerful applications and solutions. The PolyNet provides the missing layer of software intelligence that enables the interoperability of disparate technologies within and across organizational boundaries.

Enterprises will enjoy natural synergies between networks. Intranets, Extranets, public Internet and applications can interoperate seamlessly.

Greater efficiencies for business will come from being able to operate securely, seamlessly and efficiently across different organizations while still retaining their valuable propreitary business intelligence.

The PolyNet enables you to overcome the barriers to successfully operating an enterprise within the context of a networked world:

o Security and authentication of users and data
o Accessibility of users and data
o Interoperability between existing silos of data and different types of
o Doing integrated business across organizational boundaries.
o Retaining business intelligence and competitive advantage.

Overcoming these barriers will result in newer levels of operational efficiency both in process and resources. This will enable the enterprise to deploy integrated solutions with business partners that most often have very different technologies. The same holds true with vertically integrated companies, with many business units scattered around the globe, all using different technologies for similar processes.

In addition the PolyNet will enable you to deploy new distribution channels and revenue opportunities as your products, services and resources become accessible to a greater number of potential partners.