Swurv is a pioneer in the development of technology for interoperability between disparate computer systems, enabling the transparent flow of information within and among companies, in real time. more info
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Swurv is a Toronto-based software company that has developed the PolyNet platform - a secure, rapid application interoperability platform that enables the logical evolution of "next generation" advanced value-chain and e-business applications.

Swurv’s new patent pending technologies represents significant opportunities to qualified partners wishing to exploit opportunities in their area of expertise. Swurv offers generous revenue sharing programs, which are designed to provide qualified partners with multiple recurring revenue streams.

Swurv offers three general areas of Partnership Opportunities:

Channel Partners: This program provides opportunities to Software Vendors, Integrators and Solution Providers... more info

Industry Partners: This program provides opportunities to companies that posses domain knowledge and/or a leading market presence in a specific industry vertical (i.e. travel, education etc.)... more info

Developlex: This program provides opportunities to individual software developers or small technology firms... more info