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Court decision to support EOLAS patent has major technology giants scrambling for another way to provide online interactivity – Swurv has the answer

Toronto, ON – October 29, 2003 - Swurv today announced patent pending technology, Server Orders Frame Technology (SOFT), to provide companies with an alternative to current methods of deploying interactive functionality in WebPages, expressly including those covered by the EOLAS (U.S. Patent No. 5,838,906) patent decision.

Technology companies pushing products that provide interactive functionality, such as chat, applets and rich media files, may be subject to the recent EOLAS patent decision. Because of this, the technology community has been anxious to find a workaround that can circumvent the EOLAS patent. The EOLAS decision impacts major technology giants such as Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Sun, IBM and Macromedia, and the thousands of third party companies that build products around major Internet platforms.

"The patented technology is a key component of the interactivity available on the Internet today. For example, the technology is used often with stock information, video players, games, virtual real estate tours and other interactive content on the Web." University of California Office of the President Q&A, (http://www.ucop.edu)

"Such programs are central today to online commerce as they power everything from banner ads to interactive customer service." CBSNews.com, October 24, 2003

"The impact of the '906 (EOLAS) patent reaches far beyond a single vendor and even beyond those who could be alleged to infringe the patent. The existence of the patent and associated licensing demands compels many developers of Web browsers, Web pages, and many other important components of the Web to deviate from the fundamental technical standards that enable the Web to function as a coherent system." Tim Berners-Lee, Director, World Wide Web Consortium, 28 October 2003

SOFT, originally developed for Swurv’s own PolyNet platform, will essentially provide an alternative to current methods for deploying interactive external applications from distributed sources within a browser. SOFT implementations can be automated or initiated in response to interaction from a user, requiring no alteration to current browsers such as Internet Explorer.

SOFT provides developers and providers of Web services that rely on interactive elements an alternative to current methods covered by the EOLAS patent. Swurv’s Chief Software Architect, John Formosa said, "SOFT will enable developers to create multitasking Web services that are much more interactive and real time than is currently possible."

"Even applications that rely on plug-ins can use SOFT to enable the application to be executed without the expensive alterations currently under discussion as a result of the EOLAS decision," stated Swurv chief scientist, Dr. Dave Mason.

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