Swurv Press Release: Gateway To Canadian - Asian Travel Markets

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Travel Agents seek for new ways to fight off threat to their survival by web-based travel agencies and suppliers going direct to the consumer over the Internet – Swurv has the answer

Toronto, ON – September 23, 2003 - Swurv will deploy new patent pending PolyNet technology with Delamarc Travel. The Swurv PolyNet will become the corner stone of Delamarc’s e-commerce strategy enabling collaboration of in-store agents with a network of sub-agents working from home, and "bypass" technology to connect directly to suppliers via the web.

Rapid growth of e-commerce is redefining the traditional travel supply chain. The growing market power of web-based agencies is emerging as a serious threat. Suppliers face increasing distribution costs from GDS systems. GDS providers on the other hand see an erosion of their position in the supply chain as suppliers and wholesalers, in a drive to reduce distribution costs, shift to more efficient web-based distribution channels. These factors have contributed to a very difficult operating environment for travel retailers.

John Formosa, Cora Dela CruzCora dela Cruz, president of Delamarc and a member of the Executive Board and Vice Chair of the Pacific Asia Travel Association Eastern Canada Chapter (PATA-ECC) said that travel agents should continue to look for alternative ways of booking their clients in order to remain competitive. "I’m excited that Swurv has come up with the technology that will provide travel agents the online tools to improve their booking capabilities. If we embrace what technology can do and use them to our advantage, we should be able to face these challenges competitively. Swurv can help us do that".

According to Swurv’s Chief Software Architect John Formosa, "the PolyNet offers significant opportunities to businesses in the travel sector as it enables the industry to evolve their business model from transaction based to service based. The PolyNet will usher in a new level of service and offerings to supplier, agent and consumer. It provides a secure gateway to company resources, clients, suppliers and interoperability with other Webservices."

Swurv’s PolyNet technology provides Single Sign-on service to connect directly with travel suppliers offering web based access to inventory, bypassing the use of GDS systems and enabling agents to earn higher level of commissions offered by suppliers. Single Sign-on eliminates the need for a travel agent to login to each travel supplier’s website. Simple login to its own branded Travel Desktop will automatically link agents to all of Delamarc’s favoured travel suppliers and GDS system.

The PolyNet provides the missing layer of software intelligence that can enable the interoperability of different technologies within and across organizational boundaries. Businesses can take advantage of natural synergies between networks. Intranets, Extranets, public Internet, Webservices and applications interoperate seamlessly.

Processes become more efficient, improving profit margins and the speed in which products and services are brought to market.

About Delamarc Travel
The Delamarc Corporation is comprised of a group of companies that provide a variety of services in the areas of Travel and Tourism, Education and Training, Manpower Placement, Business and Management consulting. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and in operation since 1989, Delamarc also has offices in the Philippines. Its Travel division, Mabuhay Vacations International, specializes in Asian markets. For more information: www.e-delamar.com

About Swurv
Swurv is a software company located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. The company specializes in developing Internet technology products that make deployment of Web services easier, cheaper and faster than today’s generally accepted methods. Swurv’s patent pending technology has the power to tightly integrate the next generation of Internet solutions, allowing them to interoperate with each other to produce more efficient and profitable centers of commerce. For more information: www.swurv.com.