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The growth of web-based commerce is rapidly redefining the structure of the traditional travel supply chain. Suppliers and wholesalers selling directly online with B2C technologies are bypassing travel agencies. The growing market power of web-based agencies is emerging as a serious threat to suppliers facing increasing distribution costs from computerized distribution systems ("CRS") providers. CRS providers on the other hand face an erosion of their position in the supply chain as suppliers and wholesalers, in a drive to reduce distribution costs, shift to more efficient B2C distribution channels.

Swurv offers many solutions to the "brick and mortar" entities comprising the supply chain. Benefits include:

  • Ability to compete effectively with web based agencies,
  • Lock in customer loyalty
  • Retain valuable business intelligence
  • Diversify revenue streams by delivering innovative web services through a "fully" brandable multitasking user interface to their customers
  • Leverage legacy resources without having to rewrite major pieces of code.

Processes will become more efficient, improving profit margins and the speed in which products and services are brought to market. This will result in a lower cost of technology deployment and maintenance.