Swurv is a pioneer in the development of technology for interoperability between disparate computer systems, enabling the transparent flow of information within and among companies, in real time. more info
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Swurv Environment (SE) is a web-based delivery platform that creates a central meeting place for employees, clients and suppliers to consolidate and collaborate on critical business information.

Unlike traditional groupware, SE provides users with global access to company and personal information at a fraction of the cost of existing software applications.

SE is 100% web-based software, so there is no software to download or install. New features and improvements are added without upgrades and the User will have access from any connected PC, any time, anywhere. SE incorporates instant messaging, e-mail, chat, scheduling, web browsing, web favourites, data storage, file sharing and multimedia streaming. All features of SE are integrated through a unique contact management system that updates instantly throughout the network worldwide. All information can be shared or kept private.

SE’s multi-tasking and multi-dimensional interface features drag and drop between applications allowing the User to work, entertain, communicate, schedule and search simultaneously. The User may personalize the look, functionality, language and geographic location, so information is always relevant to them.

SE is a front end gateway to the PolyNet, allowing a User to securely, sign into all of their information, including web-services, documents, contacts, etc.