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Corporate Brands have real power. A corporate brand can inspire a company in the same way a standard can inspire a nation. It is the very essence of leadership and differentiation, providing direction, and clarity of purpose.

Swurv's approach to corporate branding transforms the way companies conduct business. Corporate branding has a significant impact on financial performance. A strong brand will enrich your bottom line as well as influence consumer preference. The logic behind the impact of branding is simple: if consumers are more familiar with your brand, they are more likely to feel more favorable toward you and your company.

With SE, branding starts at the desktop level, with a corporate banded Desktop Icon, that allows quick access to online resources.

A branded Client Card assures an employee, business partner and customer carry your name with them, wherever they may go.

By providing a secure branded Sign On Screen, you are further solidifying the bond between you and your customer. Allowing secure, single sign on access through "your gateway" to a world of almost endless possibilities.

Finally when a user Signs On, they are signing on to a fully branded Environment, which allows for a rich, user friendly experience. Every time a user Signs on, a brand interaction takes place.


Branded Desktop Icon
Branded Client Card
Branded Single Sign On
Branded Environment